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bluetree policies



Last modified 01/01/2024

Bluetree operates in the field of infrastructure, undertaking engineering projects, construction supervision, and services in renewable energy areas.

On the other hand, its concession activity involves promotion, seeking financing, and managing assets for transportation and electricity production. As part of its Corporate Responsibility model, the management of Bluetree has aimed to apply maximum rigor to its Environmental Management, Quality Management, Occupational Risk Prevention, and Energy Management policies. These four pillars constitute the Group's Integrated Management Policy, each with specific strategies and objectives but all sharing a common mission: the continuous improvement of the organisation.

To demonstrate this rigor, Bluetree's Integrated Policy is based on a precise understanding of the nature and scope of environmental impacts, energy use and consumption in its facilities and projects, customer expectations, and worker risks associated with its activities and products. Additionally, it has voluntarily adopted the requirements contained in the reference standards for its audit and certification.
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If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our treatment of the information you provide us, please write to us by email at info@bluetree.group.


Bluetree has established principles to which it adheres and which must govern the operation of any organization in the field of quality, environment, energy, occupational risk prevention, so that they serve as a reference for setting and reviewing objectives that continuously improve the effectiveness of management systems. These principles are:

  • Strict compliance with current legislation applicable to the other requirements endorsed by Bluetree in all markets in which it operates. 
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Prevention of harm and deterioration of the health of our workers, improvement of their working conditions to raise the level of protection of their safety and health.
  • Pollution prevention.
  • Efficient use and consumption of energy.
  • Generating a healthy impact of our activities on the social environment.
  • Improving competitiveness.


Aware that the main environmental impact of our activities is the use of resources and the generation of construction and demolition waste, Bluetree has defined and applies the most effective corrective mechanisms to minimize its footprint.

Additionally, Bluetree has integrated certain activities into its operations that contribute to the protection of the natural environment and its resources. These include, among others, the production of renewable energies, water treatment and recycling, and energy efficiency in each of its actions as established in the energy policy.

In general, our environmental management strategy is guided by the following principles of action:

  • The continuous pursuit of balance between economic profitability and environmental protection, promoting approaches for both concepts to mutually reinforce each other.
  • Taking the environmental component into account in investment decisions regarding new projects and activities that the Group considers developing.
  • Involvement of employees through appropriate training and awareness actions.
  • Also involving our other stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, and society in general) in the common search for useful solutions to the challenge of preserving the environment and energy resources.


Our COMMITMENT is to provide and maintain the highest levels of service quality. With VALUES that characterise us as an organisation: FORMALITY AND SPEED, FRIENDLINESS AND GOOD TREATMENT,

The PURPOSE is to be an organisation oriented towards process management and risk analysis, to ensure control and improvement thereof, the integration of our staff in their development, and the fulfillment of the quality commitment, in order to seek the maximum satisfaction of our clients. As well as being a reference for sectors and activities: ADVISING AND MANAGING PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANTS, as well as in our social environment. All based on the development of individuals, as an essential element to achieve the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of our processes, the sense of belonging to the organization, and personal fulfillment.

Aware of the need to have Standardised Systems of international recognition, the organization has aligned its Quality Management System with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Therefore, the Management is committed to leading and maintaining a Quality Management System in the organization based on continuous improvement and the following guidelines:

  • The serious commitment to understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders, to achieve their satisfaction, and continuous improvement, establishing and verifying compliance with objectives and strategic planning.
  • The commitment to compliance with applicable legislation and regulations, as well as with subscribed requirements.
  • The commitment to continuous review of competencies and continuous improvement, in order to guarantee the quality of services and their capacity to face the growing challenges posed by our customers.

All our staff accepts the commitment to improve the quality of services, auxiliary processes of the company, and to develop responsible environmental behavior, within the different positions. The Management is committed to promoting the development of the strategies contained in this policy and to providing the necessary resources for this purpose.