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Going solar:

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your
autoconsumption goals, while also providing guidance on
cost-saving measures and opportunities for additional
income streams.
Become a pioneer

Make your business smarter and cleaner

As more and more businesses worldwide adopt solar C&I, the advantages it offers in terms of cost savings, increased resilience, and new revenue streams become increasingly clear. By embracing solar C&I, businesses can establish sustainable models and strategies that not only benefit their bottom line, but also help protect the environment.
Cost-effectiveness Transform your energy production with eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions.
Innovation Promote intelligent energy consumption for a sustainable future.
Sustainability Achieve sustainable goals by reducing your company's carbon footprint.
New revenue streams Unlock new sustainable revenue streams by selling any surplus energy to the grid.
We cover every angle of the value chain

How we work

We provide professional assistance in smart operations and data management for businesses that have implemented or are considering solar C&I. Our expertise can help you reduce energy costs and contribute to a cleaner future, adding value to your investment and supporting the acceleration of the energy transition.
  • I do not have an installation yet
  • I am set up and connected
  • I have an issue with my installation

We help organisations like yours to become pioneers in adopting solar self-consumption

If you are interested in a solar C&I installation but feel uncertain about the process, our team is here to help you every step of the way. We offer thorough support, from development and permits to connecting the site to your facilities. 

  • In-house capabilities for developing and constructing state-of-the-art C&I projects.
  • Our experts will handle the development and construction of the project, so you can focus on what matters most - your business.
  • We will analyse your potential revenue streams, taking into account options such as full autoconsumption, mixed models with PPAs, and selling or exporting excess energy to the grid.
  • If financing the project is a concern, our team is here to assist you in finding the best available options.

Now is the time to optimise your investment

Maximize your investment with our Smart Operations service. We intelligently decrease energy bills and sell surplus energy back to the grid for payment. Trust us to help you get the most out of your investment.
  • We bring you a helping hand to close successful Power-Purchase-Agreements.
  • We help you connect your project to the grid and profit from surplus energy sales.
  • We bring you a team of experts with boot-on-the-ground when required.
  • ESG compliance: we automatically translate the performance of your plants into CO2 offsets and other relevant metrics.

We're here to help you solve any incidents or underperformance to ensure profitability

We minimize disruptions and loss of profits by providing on-site support for any solar PV asset incidents or challenges. Our experienced site managers are readily available for assistance.
  • Real-time monitoring of your C&I plants.
  • Direct liaison with your business to coordinate on potential remedial actions.
  • Coordination with relevant third parties or stakeholders.
  • Operations & Maintenance for C&I assets.
How we have helped our partners boost their profitability

Success stories

Our expertise covers the entire value chain of green distributed generation investments, from initial development and construction to optimising your installations' revenue streams.
90+ Solar C&I facilities successfully delivered to our partners.
20MWp+ We installed and manage tens of megawatts to power businesses.
20GWh+ Equivalent of 20,000 homes' annual consumption.
15+ A team of engineers and technical experts to guide along the way.
Hotels and Resorts

Fuerteventura | Spain

Constructed while the hotel was fully occupied, this 1.23MW+ rooftop project aimed to reduce the hotel's overall consumption and increase independence from the grid. We ensured optimal performance through a thorough assessment of the installation's deployment and working streams.


  • Installed capacity: 1,230kWp
  • Results: -43% electricity cost reduction


Cosmetic Industry

Barcelona | Spain

We evaluated and optimised the 150kWp rooftop project and currently monitor and manage energy usage to reduce costs for the owner.


  • Installed capacity: 150kWp
  • Results: -20% electricity cost reduction
FMCG Industry

León | Spain

We interconnect six EV charging stations, reducing costs while optimising fleet charging. Our team also assessed the EV fleet and provide solutions to transportation challenges. We oversee operation and maintenance and delivered all the construction works on-site.


  • Installed capacity: 1,340kWp
  • Results: -32% electricity cost reduction
A diverse team to accelerate self-consumption initiatives

Meet the team

Our Distributed Generation team is made up of experts with diverse backgrounds in technical advisory, EPC, O&M, and procurement. This unique mix of talents is essential to cover the complete value chain of any distributed generation project, from the initial permitting phase to its efficient and sustainable operations and maintenance.

Enrique Albiol Distributed Generation Director Enrique is a seasoned professional in the renewable energy industry, bringing a wealth of expertise to our team. He has held relevant positions at top firms including Suncarrier, Gildemeister, and SENS STEAG. Enrique holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid.
Enrique Albiol Distributed Generation Director
Alejandro Morales Project Manager Alejandro oversees the development and construction of distributed generation PV projects in Iberia, with a focus on the Canary Islands. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering from University Carlos III.
Alejandro Morales Project Manager
Julia Sayuri Procurement Specialist With her extensive experience in the procurement of solar PV projects and having held relevant roles at numerous leading firms in the industry, Julia leads our Procurement department. She ensures that the highest quality standards are implemented in our clients' projects, making certain that they receive the best possible outcomes.
Julia Sayuri Procurement Specialist
Marta Pérez Project Manager Marta spearheads project management for engagements across the Iberian Peninsula with a proven track record in renewables, honed over years of experience at Schneider Electric. She boasts a Bachelor's in Electronic Engineering and a Master's in Project Management from ENEB.
Marta Pérez Project Manager
David González EPC Director David is the leader of our Distributed Generation Construction team. With a wealth of experience in the EPC field, he has worked for renowned companies like SENS Steag, Sky Solar, and ABB. David holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Valladolind, and a master's degree in Renewable Energies from the EOI.
David González EPC Director
Francisco Castellanos HSE Senior Manager With extensive experience in construction and renewable energy projects, Francisco has established a remarkable career with leading companies like Dragados, Isolux Corsán, Técnicas Reunidas, and Elecnor.
Francisco Castellanos HSE Senior Manager
Want to learn more about C&I's benefits and opportunities?

Slash your business energy bills

We would love to hear about your exciting project and our team of experts is eager to offer you a complimentary consultation. Let us assist you in generating electricity, utilising the same innovative methods as other pioneering businesses have already done.