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Nurturing Your Investment's Growth

We combine human expertise and analytics to create a symbiotic management solution, going beyond reliance on software or big data alone for optimizing solar PV and wind assets.

Our Distinctive Approach

Our commitment lies in supporting investors and industry players to maximize their renewable energy portfolios, minimizing risks to unlock their full investment potential, all done in a unique and impactful way.
  • 01 Endurance
  • 02 Neutrality
  • 03 Reliability
  • 04 Human Touch

We build long-term partnerships.

We foster lasting relationships with clients like you by deeply understanding their needs and providing personalized asset management and guidance to enhance returns and manage risks effectively. Our continuous support and guidance will be there at every stage of your journey.

We prioritise unbiased decision-making and transparency.

We are committed to making decisions without bias, promoting transparency, and upholding accountability. This dedication allows us to focus on you and your projects, ensuring your best interests are always at the forefront.

We understand the importance of a sustainable asset management strategy.

We place high importance on incorporating a cohesive management strategy, understanding its relevance for safeguarding your return expectations, while also optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with essential regulations.

Sophisticated processes lose their effectiveness without accessible experts by your side when you need them most.

We are strong advocates for the power of personalized support in achieving exceptional and timely results, even in a world of advanced technology and efficient processes. Our aim is for our team to seamlessly blend with yours, eliminating any extra administrative work.

Our Experience

25+ A growing team of asset managers with a robust collective expertise.
850+ We managed hundreds of SPVs across Europe and LATAM.
200Mio€ Our team manages over 200 million euros of energy sales monthly.
2,700MW+ Current capacity under management in Spain, Italy, Chile and Mexico.

Human-Data Fusion:
Renewable Success

Successful management of renewable energy calls for a harmonious blend of human knowledge and data handling. At Bluetree, we prioritize both elements to execute groundbreaking renewable energy solutions, supporting our partners in achieving success within the renewable energy sector.

Meet Your Team

Our commitment to sustainable energy and collaboration drives our Asset Management team to work closely with yours, from ideation to successful operation, to optimize your renewable energy assets.
Head of Asset Management Ignacio Díaz
Head of Asset Management Ignacio Díaz Ignacio is a seasoned renewable energy professional who leads a large team of asset managers, with expertise in overseeing complex processes and collaboration workflows with EPC and O&M contractors.
Senior Asset Manager Laura Rodríguez
Senior Asset Manager Laura Rodríguez With a Doctorate in Engineering and experience at Saeta Yield, ICAI-ICADE, and OHL, Laura is a seasoned professional in the energy industry. She currently supervises complex challenges and provides clients with strategic insights.
Financial Director Amaia Jiménez
Financial Director Amaia Jiménez Amaia has 14+ years of experience in renewable energy financing, corporate finance, and M&A. She holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration, and a Master's in Financial Management and Controlling.
Senior Asset Manager Irene Llorente
Senior Asset Manager Irene Llorente Irene has extensive experience managing PV portfolios in Spain and the UK. She holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Univesity of Seville. Irene held relevant positions at Isotrol, aBalados, Quintas Energy, and WeLink.
Country Manager | Chile Sergio San Martín
Country Manager | Chile Sergio San Martín Sergio leads our Chile operations, delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions to clients in LATAM. He holds a degree in Finance and an MBA from St. Gallen's University.
Data Analytics & Monitoring Lead Enrique Costa
Data Analytics & Monitoring Lead Enrique Costa Enrique holds a degree in Physics from UAM and a master's in New Electronic and Photonic Energies from Universidad Complutense of Madrid, with extensive experience in using analytical tools to drive results.
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