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Driving your success through

At the core of our management philosophy is the idea of
empowering your renewable investments through a
people-and-asset-driven approach.

Our approach

 At Bluetree, we specialise in optimising our clients' renewable energy portfolios and mitigating risk. Our experienced team and advanced systems support investors, IPPs and other industry players to extract the full potential of their investments.
  • 01 Endurance
  • 02 Neutrality
  • 03 Reliability

We build long-term partnerships

We build long-term partnerships with our clients by understanding their needs and offering tailored asset management and guidance that optimises returns and mitigates risks. We provide ongoing support and guidance every step of the way.

We prioritise unbiased decision-making and transparency

As an independent asset manager in the renewable energy industry, we prioritse unbiased decision-making, transparency, and accountability. This empowers us to focus exclusively on our clients' and their projects' best interests.

We understand the importance of a sustainable asset management strategy

We understand the importance of a sustainable asset management strategy in order to effectively manage renewable energy resources. By prioritising responsible and reliable investment practices and working towards a common goal, we are confident in our ability to cultivate these investments for the long haul.


25+ A growing team of asset managers with a robust collective expertise.
850+ We managed hundreds of SPVs across Europe and LATAM.
200Mio€ Our team manages over 200 million euros of energy sales monthly.
1,800MW+ Current capacity under management in Spain, Italy, Chile and Mexico.

We empower your renewable energy investments

Effective renewable energy management requires a balance of human expertise and data management. Bluetree invests in both to identify and implement innovative renewable energy models and help our partners succeed in the renewable energy space.
  • Technical Asset Management
  • Commercial Asset Management
  • Site Management
  • Health and Safety

We optimise your portfolio in the long-run, sustainably over time

At Bluetree, we believe that the successful management of renewable energy sources is a multifaceted challenge that requires a significant investment in data management for scaling and human expertise for identifying and implementing new, innovative renewable energy models.

  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis
  • ESG Reporting
  • Warranty management
  • Monitoring at the minimum level of granularity

We prioritise unbiased decision-making and transparency, while minimising risks

We diligently keep track of your investment's financial records, loan compliance, and bookkeeping. Our team ensures that we uphold agreements and follow regulations with the utmost precision, making sure that your rights are fully enforced and your obligations are covered.

  • Active revenue management (PPA, merchant, Feed-in-Tariffs)
  • Expenditure overisght and management
  • Liaison with insurers, off-takers landowners and contractors
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Financial model updates 
  • Cash distributions management

Expert guidance to help you comply with crucial regulations and requirements

We actively visit sites to ensure safe and reliable operations, adhering to contract agreements and handling assets with utmost care. Our commitment to providing the best asset management services never wavers.

  • Recurrent visits on-site
  • Periodic supervision of operators' performance and adherence to contractual obligations
  • Support in emergy response
  • Direct liasion and interaction with third-parties

We conceive HSE as a key area of any renewable project

At Bluetree, our commitment to Health and Safety is unwavering. It is not just another box to tick - we understand the importance of this crucial aspect of managing renewable energy assets. That is why we have in-house HSE experts who work tirelessly to ensure that your projects comply with all regulations for safe operations.

  • A team of HSE experts that periodically support our Asset Managers
  • We are always up to date with relevant regulations modficiations and updates
  • Our HSE experts identify potential hazards and mitigate risks
  • Ongoing support to ensure that all relevant parties are fully aware of their responsibilities and obligations

Meet our team

At the core of our values is a passion for sustainable energy and a firm belief in the power of collaboration to create change. Our Asset Management team is committed to working alongside yours, from initial brainstorming to operational triumph, in order to enhance the efficiency of your renewable energy assets.
Head of Asset Management Ignacio Díaz
Head of Asset Management Ignacio Díaz Ignacio is a seasoned renewable energy professional who leads a large team of asset managers, with expertise in overseeing complex processes and collaboration workflows with EPC and O&M contractors.
Senior Asset Manager Laura Rodríguez
Senior Asset Manager Laura Rodríguez With a Doctorate in Engineering and experience at Saeta Yield, ICAI-ICADE, and OHL, Laura is a seasoned professional in the energy industry. She currently supervises complex challenges and provides clients with strategic insights.
Financial Director Amaia Jiménez
Financial Director Amaia Jiménez Amaia has 14+ years of experience in renewable energy financing, corporate finance, and M&A. She holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration, and a Master's in Financial Management and Controlling.
Senior Asset Manager Irene Llorente
Senior Asset Manager Irene Llorente Irene has extensive experience managing PV portfolios in Spain and the UK. She holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Univesity of Seville. Irene held relevant positions at Isotrol, aBalados, Quintas Energy, and WeLink.
Country Manager | Chile Sergio San Martín
Country Manager | Chile Sergio San Martín Sergio leads our Chile operations, delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions to clients in LATAM. He holds a degree in Finance and an MBA from St. Gallen's University.
Data Analytics & Monitoring Lead Enrique Costa
Data Analytics & Monitoring Lead Enrique Costa Enrique holds a degree in Physics from UAM and a master's in New Electronic and Photonic Energies from Universidad Complutense of Madrid, with extensive experience in using analytical tools to drive results.
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If you are feeling lost or need a little nudge in the right direction, do not hesitate to holler at us. Our team is ready and eager to offer up some guidance and get you on your way. And if you need a formal quote, well, we have got your back there too. Hit us up and we will make sure you get the assistance you need ASAP.