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Unbiased and Bankable Technical Due Diligence

Our team of seasoned advisors offer valuable guidance for purchasing, funding, offloading, or evaluating solar PV, C&I, wind, and hydrogen projects.

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Comprehensive risk assessments to empower your investment decisions.

  • Reduce risks: our focus is on assisting you in minimizing technical, economic, or regulatory risks associated with your investments.
  • Diverse technological experience: Our portfolio includes solar and wind technologies supported by our extensive international technical knowledge spanning over 10 countries.
  • Maximize potential profits and minimize uncertainties: Our comprehensive analysis provides solutions to optimize the expected operational performance of each project.
  • On-site expertise: Conducting firsthand visits to gather valuable knowledge for our research.

Proudly Partnered

Our partnerships have been a key success for us, as we have engaged in close collaboration with top companies in the renewable energy industry during M&A transactions and while assessing potential development opportunities.
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