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Let's Start Construction

We work closely with EPC contractors to oversee essential project activities, ensuring success from engineering to installation.

The construcion is a crucial stage in the lifespan of any asset

This is how we can help you make your construction projects a success

  • Reviewing the design thoroughly to prevent any setbacks before the construction phase.
  • Managing the construction process is our expertise, and we will keep you informed of any necessary approvals before moving forward.
  • Overseeing the construction process: our team will closely monitor the construction activities to ensure adherence to approved procedures for material handling, storage, risk mitigation, and installation.
  • Preparing for commissioning and acceptance: we will create detailed checklists and document any warranty issues to ensure a smooth transition to performance testing and handover from commissioning to start-up.
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Learn How We Can Help You

Explore our success stories in supervising solar PV projects for renowned investors, IPPs, and utilities. Dive into the details and glean valuable lessons learned from our experiences.

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