About us

A member of your team

At Bluetree, we accompany you throughout the useful life of the asset, giving you the support you need at all times and maximising your investment.

We are a group of professionals united by a passion for renewable energy with an ambition to improve that has led us to where we are today. Since 2008, we have successfully developed, built and managed photovoltaic and wind plants with a proven track record that has enabled us to participate in projects of more than 5GW across 7 countries.


Your needs are our priority

We offer a comprehensive and quality service while having a positive impact on your investments. That is our commitment, which drives us day after day to give you the best service through an expert and multidisciplinary team that works to ensure your profitability.


Change is what motivates us

We want to develop sustainable energy models that have a positive impact on our customers’ profitability and, at the same time, transform the world – a vision in which the human touch is the basis for reaching the best solution together.

Global presence

We take our ideas far and wide

Our tailored-made approach spans three continents with solar and wind projects across Europe, Africa and Latin America, where we offer the same services with the same vision.

“A global presence with a local focus allows us to be closer and create more value for our customers”.

We at Bluetree believe that renewable energy knows no borders.

But we are aware that each market has its own characteristics and its own rules. Therefore, when we undertake an international project, we do so in the field and in collaboration with different local teams.

We are in the process of international expansion. You can now find us in the following countries:


Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Milan.

Completed projects

Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Namibia.


A loyal customer base is our hallmark

We have a diverse portfolio of customers with very different profiles, from a local private boutique investor to a large international institutional investor through to investment funds, private equity investments and private entities.

Strong relationships. Attention to detail.

We have built a solid relationship with all of our customers based on continuous support and attention to detail, a way of working that has led us to forge trusting relationships with some of the most active players in the national and international energy sector.


An expert, multidisciplinary and committed team

Our team recognises that working at Bluetree means working for each of our customers, listening to them and understanding their needs in order to add value and build a results-oriented renewable energy project.

Pedro Diosdado

Partner | General Manager

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Over 20 years of experience in the management of the energy sector.

Pedro joined Bluetree in 2009 as General Manager. Since then, he has led the management, consulting, engineering & construction of PV & wind projects in 4 countries. His professional career started at Deloitte as Manager in the Energy, Technology and Telecommunications industry, leading auditing and consulting projects for 8 years.

José María Basagoiti

Partner | Chief Commercial Officer

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Over 14 years of experience in the management and advisory of the energy sector.

Jose María joined Bluetree in 2009 as Chief Commercial Officer. His career started at Arthur Andersen as auditor in the industrial sector. He worked in the commercial management of Euskaltel and led the development and financing of renewable projects in Spain for Gamesa Solar.

Nuria Lacera

Chief Operating Officer

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Over 16 years of experience in the renewable energy sector.

Nuria joined Bluetree in 2019 bringing the team her experience in development, construction and O&M of renewable energy projects, through companies such as E.ON and Sunedison. Within Industry 4.0, she was responsible for the digitalization of energy projects and the energy market with Axpo and Onesait.

Águeda Núñez

Head of Asset Management

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Over 9 years of experience in the management of renewable energy projects.

Agueda joined Bluetree in 2014 as Head of Asset Management. Since then, she has been managing the performance of Wind & PV portfolio, successfully leading the Asset Management team. Throughout her professional career, Águeda has worked for the main EPC contractors in Spain.

Enrique Albiol

Business Development – Distributed Generation

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Over 16 years of experience in the renewable energy sector.

Enrique joined Bluetree in 2019 as Consulting Director. His professional career started at A + F GmbH in the construction and commissioning of PV plants in Spain and Italy. Subsequently, he participated in the commercial development of services and the construction of photovoltaic plants at Gildemeister ES in Spain.

Miguel López Gea

Energy Efficiency Director

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Over 25 years of experience in the energy and construction sector.

Miguel joined Bluetree in 2019 as Energy Efficiency Manager. His professional career started as Head of Maritime Constructions. Subsequently, he worked as Project Manager in VAERSA, a public company of the Valencian Generalitat. In recent years, he has led the Technical Management for the most important companies in the sector.

Amaia Jiménez

Finance and Administration Manager

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Over 15 years of experience in project finance, corporate finance and M&A renewable energy transactions in Italy and Spain.

Amaia joined Bluetree in 2009 as Finance & Administration Manager. Her career started at a multinational real estate company as Controller and continued as Finance & Administration Manager at Element Power EMEA.

Ana Pocklington

Legal Director

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Over 15 years of experience in the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts, management of corporate legal secretariat, advice on M&A and financing.

Ana joined Bluetree in 2015 as Legal Director. Her professional career started at the Uria Menéndez Law Firm as a lawyer specializing in Commercial Law, and she was promoted to Principal Associate in 2012.

Francisco Castellanos

HSE Manager

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Over 20 years of experience in the HSE sector.

Francisco joined Bluetree in 2022 as HSE Manager. Throughout his professional career, he has worked as HSE Manager in Africa, Europe and Asia, developing his work in advising and managing in the main companies in the sector such as Dragados, Técnicas Reunidas or Elecnor, as well as for the Public Administration.